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Every bit of data you add into EDGEauditor becomes intelligent objects, because the system learns as you go. When you add a new sign, for example, the system will ask you to categorize the sign (as waiver, directional, warning, etc.), then ask you to take a picture of the sign, then drops a GPS pin for that sign, tracks who documented the sign and when, and stores that new sign into your data set.

From that point on, whenever you need to run a report that may or may not include signs, that data point is available as search criteria - all of the data associated with that sign. EDGEauditor can also learn to identify trends in your data and alert you if need be. Let’s say you notice that a few injuries have occurred on a particular park feature. You can ask EDGEauditor to watch that particular feature for any further issues, and notify you if and when it either happens again, or it gets moved or removed from the park.


Signs are a huge part of risk management for ski areas - and can be a huge bother to try and dig up documentation around signs when it’s needed. Not with EDGEauditor.

Your initial sign import is a snap - simply walk your area with a smartphone or tablet, indicate where the sign in using GPS pins, take a picture of it, categorize it based on your own labels, add any notes, and move on. What used to take a camera, a map, a clipboard and hours of time at your desk can now be done in minutes, and with far greater accuracy.

The best part is that every sign you add into EDGEauditor can then be indexed and pulled into a report within seconds - including photographs and all the notes added.

Terrain Parks

Your terrain park can be your biggest attraction, but also your biggest risk. EDGEauditor gives you a much more concise way of tracking and monitoring your park features and builds.

Every feature can be added into the system off season - giving you much clearer images of the feature construction, as well as creation date, materials, builder, etc. When that feature becomes part of a build, the system tracks all the original data associated with that feature, so you can run reports on lifespan, time installed, configurations, etc.

You can also track who built what feature and when, with pictures, weather stats, user ID, and more.

Park Inspections will become a breeze, the second your management staff approves an updated terrain park layout, your park staff inspection logs will instantly update so they are always accurate and up to date.


The Ski Area Accident Report form is essential for both your staff, your insurance, your legal team, and your patrons. EDGEauditor features a completely digital version of the SAAR - not just a PDF version - but an interactive, touch-based living form that has every field from the official SAAR form. The benefit of a digital form is that it captures information automatically - like date, time, weather data, address, etc - meaning your staff can focus on what really matters - the patron and what happened.

EDGEauditor digital SAAR lets you collect finger-tip signatures from witnesses in the field, as well as the victim, and each SAAR can be sent automatically to your insurance broker for review. You can also configure the system to send an alert and a copy of the SAAR to a manager as soon as it is saved if a certain type of situation is flagged.

Waiver Management

Online waivers never get crumpled, they never get wet, and they never, ever disappear. EDGEauditor can be used to manage your waivers and store them in the cloud, meaning that they are always accessible.


EDGEauditor has a built in lift timer that you can run on an iPod in your lift hut that can help you track how many stoppages you have, as well as run time.

You can then configure reports to show which lifts have the highest number of stoppages, and why, so you can identify problem areas easily and determine how to make it right. Whether it is too high of an unload ramp or not enough staff at the load terminal, EDGEauditor will help improve your guest experience and your uptime.


Easily monitor which machines were used when, and by whom. Run a report to see which groomer has the most hours on it, or which one was used in the areas that had the highest number of incidents and determine whether it was the machine that caused the problem or the driver. All pre-shift inspections become a breeze with the digital checklist! If there is a problem with a machine, you can have EDGEauditor automatically alert your incoming mechanic in the morning so they can be sure the part is available.


As an added feature, EDGEauditor can also be used to monitor your parking lots and buildings. Whether you are doing a salt and sand log, or simply creating a checklist to ensure fire exits are unlocked and clear, EDGEauditor can be customized to collect quick, reliable data.