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Craig MacDonald
Assistant GM - Caledon Ski Club, Ontario, Canada.

"The ease of use is fantastic, in todays world everybody is familiar with a touch screen or mobile app. Every some of our senior staff, our retired folks, have gotten onto it in a shift or two."

"The amount of paper that is generated, when you take a look at your boxes at the end of the year that's got everything filed away, there's a lot to it. What I like is that is the fact that I can retrieve data at any point. I may stop at any point in my day and go gee, How many cars did we have in the lot? How many incidents did we have? How many lift stops did we have? I don't have to chase anyone for paper or go digging anymore."

Mark Rutherford
GM - Brimacombe Ski Area, Ontario, Canada.

"The biggest benefit for with introducing all of our data into electronic format, is the ability to provide any information, in an instant, for all the managers that need access to that data."

"It's nice to know that your very important log books and documentation are being checked, that the managers that are responsible for that data can access it all in one location. The person responsible for lift logs can check up on their documentation for all four lifts in one location."

"We struggled a lot with legibility of forms, missing information or blank sections. Those are no longer issues with this program."

Braden Kamphuis
Terrain Park Supervisor - Caledon Ski Club, Ontario, Canada.

"Saves us a lot of time from doing paper work. Instead of being in the shop doing paper work, we can be on-hill doing all that work while in the terrain park."

"It's quick and easy, you don't have to worry about updating a bunch of things. It does it all for us. We can spend a lot more time on-hill now doing physical work instead of being in the shop with paper."

Robyn Christie
Risk Manager - Brimacombe Ski Area, Ontario, Canada.

"Our insurance company is very happy, they are able to see things instantly instead of a week later in the mail."

"My office has a lot less paper in it now. We used store all of our accident investigations in large folders with cd's and notes. Now, it's a folder on my computer. When I see something, I take a note and it's pinned to that location."