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Signs are a huge part of risk management for trails and land owners - and can be a huge bother to try and dig up documentation around signs when it’s needed. Not with EDGEauditor.

Your initial sign import is a snap - simply walk your area with a smartphone or tablet, indicate where the sign in using GPS pins, take a picture of it, categorize it based on your own labels, add any notes, and move on. What used to take a camera, a map, a clipboard and hours of time at your desk can now be done in minutes, and with far greater accuracy.

The best part is that every sign you add into EDGEauditor can then be indexed and pulled into a report within seconds - including photographs and all the notes added.

Audit & Inspections

When you first start with EDGEauditorTrails, you will 'audit' your property. What that means is that you will create all your objects and assets in the system, creating your initial build. It’s an audit of every asset you have. This is when you create all your categories of signage, point of interest, area of risk, etc. After that’s completed, you move onto 'inspections'. Inspections are exactly what they sound like - your staff (or volunteers) visually inspect the objects you created in your audit, and answer questions for each object that you set in the system to track.

When an inspection is started, the inspector selects the area they are working in and EDGEauditor will show them a list of all the objects in that area that need inspecting. All the inspector has to do is follow the interactive map and answer the questions for each object as they approach it.

Every answer saved captures the name of the inspector, time, date, location, and all their notes, so you can easily review it all from your desktop the instant it’s saved. No more waiting on packages in the mail or duplicate data entry from an emailed pdf.


Identify, track and monitor hazards in your area easily and accurately. Hazard trees, or objects that require attention can be easily identified, GPS pinned and reported on. You can also configure EDGEauditor to only show Hazard objects to specific individuals based on permissions you set.

Point Objects

Benches, lookouts, culverts, trash cans, gates, hazard trees and even memorials - any fixed object can be pinned and tracked using EDGEauditor. After they’ve been added to the system, you can run reports on their condition, their lifespan, their use, etc. Photos captured at inspection give you a visual history of objects so you can coordinate work orders where necessary, and catalog maintenance and upkeep.

Linear Objects

Fences, boundaries or areas of interest - you can create and track linear objects in EDGEauditor quickly and easily, and append images, notes and more. And every linear object you create appears as a separate line object on your interactive map with GPS coordinates, images and notes.


Streams, rivers, spillways, flood plains, all these features change with the weather. EDGEauditorTrails helps you document specific locations, environmental attributes, areas of concern and public safety.


The plant and animal species in your boundaries are precious to you, your visitors and to us as well. EDGEauditor can help you monitor their general health as well as track changes in their environment that may or may not need to be addressed and dealt with.